Morjim Beach

For animal and nature lovers, this is the most excellent beach of north Goa to visit. Morjim Beach is one of the outstanding beaches of North Goa. A few years earlier this beach was reachable only by the romantic ferry over the Goan Chapora River, but with the Siolim Bridge completed; this overwhelming beach is now easily easy to get to by bike, taxi or any private vehicle. Morjim Beach also known as Turtle Beach because the Olive Ridley turtles come here every October to lay eggs.

The Meandering Nerul River

positioned just at a short biking distance from Zac Beach Resort in Calangute of around 3 kms is situated Nerul Beach also commonly known among locals as Coco Beach. The beach position is close to the Mandovi River’s estuary and because of this the water is highly salty and filled with sand. There are boating amenities near the estuary as well as at the restaurants exactly below the Nerul Bridge. Adventure manners are in plenty at Nerul such as crocodile spotting, dolphin spotting, angling, boat fishing, backwater cruising and bird watching.

Natural Sweet Water Pond of Arambol

Nature’s blessing and a natural surprise to see a sweet water lake so close to the salty sea water of the Arabian Sea. Zac Beach Resort guests can have a swim in the salty sea and then just walk towards a natural fresh water lake of Arambol located bank on the Arambol beach. Here, the countryside is wonderful, a fresh water pond rests at the base of the hillside 50 yards from the roaring surf below, and the ocean froths around dark rocks rising offshore. Walk past the pond and you’ll find quieter tide-dependent inlets and rock ledges to find out on your own.

Beach of Ashvem

Tourists staying at, Zac Beach Resort yearning to have a picnic on a beach should then head to the long-lasting stretches of silver sand, uninterrupted by a few huts and shacks which cater for some amazing Goan as well as continental food. Ashvem beach lies south of Arambol.  The extensive shoreline of Ashvem beach is full with palm groves which make available a green sunshade all along the shore. This beach is ideal for picnics for the reason that of the obtainable shade closes to the beach. Numerous huts and even tree houses can be seen near the beach which are used as beach lodging by many holidaymakers.

Beach of Mandrem

Mandrem beach is another long beach of north Goa. Mandrem beach in north Goa is located to the north of Ashvem beach on the way to the Arambol beach. It is a lonely beach with huge sections of empty sand that has little shade.  Being a quiet beach one can even see white-bellied fish eagles that live in the casuarinas trees at this Mandrem beach of north Goa. Deserted beach yet beautiful with a few huts offering some basic food.

Aguada Lighthouse & Aguada Fort

Very close to Sinquerim beach lays the world famous Aguada fort and Aguada Lighthouse. Constructed by the Portuguese way back in 1612 to guard against the naval forces of the foreign Dutch and the local Marathas. in the beginning the fort and lighthouse were used as a orientation point for shipping vessels approaching from Europe at that time.  In Portuguese language Aguada means water and there was a freshwater spring that existed within the fort grounds, thus providing ample supply of fresh water to passing by ships. Hence the place and fort got the name Aguada. Over here stands the highest lighthouse of Goa which stands proudly four storeys high built in 1864 and presently stands tall as the oldest lighthouse of Asia. Built at the mouth of River Mandovi, one gets panoramic views of the surroundings.